Accountability Coaching

Get It Done! Accountability Coaching

For Support In Making Things Happen

Yes, Michelle! I'm ready to

make progress like never before

and complete my most important

projects and tasks!





If on our first call, either of us feels like Accountability Coaching is not perfect for you, your money will be refunded immediately. No risk!


I Understand I Will Receive


Twenty Accountability Coaching Calls Over the Next Six Weeks to identify my most important projects and tasks and have Michelle meet with me throughout the month to keep me accountable and moving forward. Our first call is 30 minutes, and each call thereafter is 15 minutes. ($997 value)

Automatic Habit Creation and Support to identify and instill 
an empowering habit (or remove a negative one) so that I can grow in another area of my life. I choose the habit I want to instill or remove. ($497 value)

One Custom Affirmation and Installation to program my subconscious 
to improve any area of my life. ($497 value)

Gold Star Tracking and Reward to keep my eyes on the prize and motivate 
me to get my most important projects and tasks done between our coaching calls. ($497 value)

Unlimited Access to the Radical Results Power Hour so I have a space 
to work on my projects and tasks between accountability coaching calls. ($97 value)

Unlimited Email Support from Michelle Personally so if I need any support, 
Michelle is just an email away. We'll hop on a call if we need to and Michelle will do whatever she can to support me, get me unstuck, and on my way to completing my project. ($497 value)

Earlybird Incentive to motivate me to actually get my daily work done before 
I even planned to do it. Words can't describe how amazing I'll feel when I get my work done ahead of schedule. ($497 value)







If on our first call, either of us feels like Accountability Coaching is not perfect for you, your money will be refunded immediately. No risk!




Email me at


Accomplish Projects and Tasks

Add Good Habits (or Eliminate Bad Ones)

Develop a New Internal Process
(Such as Mindfulness, or Self-Compassion)

"I want to write a book."
"I want to start my own business."
"I want to bring self-care into my daily life"
"I want to (fill in the blank), but I keep getting distracted by the demands of life!"
"I want to
(insert good habit here), but I can't seem to stick with it."



What is included in this coaching package?

ANSWER: The package contains 20 mini-sessions. The first and last session are up to 30 minutes long. All the other sessions are short-but-sweet check-ins between 10 and 15 minutes long.

QUESTION: What do we do in our sessions?

ANSWER: We talk about the progress you've made, and briefly discuss what worked well or what didn't. If you got stuck, we talk about ways to get unstuck. We discuss what you plan to do next. We support you in practicing your healthy habit and motivate you to keep going. We confirm our next check-in and say goodbye.

QUESTION: Why does this Accountability Coaching work?

ANSWER: Because we are giving focus and attention to something that matters to you. And that is inspiring! Also, when you say out loud to another person what you're going to do, you get good at developing integrity about doing what you say you're going to do. This can be very motivating!




Our first session is a 30-minute Zoom call for us to get acquainted and discuss your goals for this program. If during our first 30-minute call, either of us feels like this coaching is not exactly what you need, I'll refund your money right away. No hassle, no risk.



Enrollment for Get-It-Done! Accountability Coaching involves two easy steps:

1. Pay the registration fee.
2. Schedule your first session.





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If you don't see a scheduling option that fits, email me, and we'll figure out something that works.